LiveSystem pro - New -


LiveSystem pro is a proprietary freeware which provides the possibility to create a rescue system based
on MS-Windows (c) in an uncomplicated way. With the already activated scripts included in this software
you are able to handle your computer maintenance by using a CD/DVD oder an usb flash drive
(without mandating an expensive expert). Recover deleted pictures or lost files even if your system doesn‘t boot with Windows or any other rescue system. You can customize and extend LiveSystem pro according to your wishes.

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Features and advantages of LiveSystem pro compared to other PE-builders

- simplest and comfortable handling
- very fast creation of the LiveSystem pro
- works with 32/64 bit systems
- supports PE XP/Vista/7/2008/8/8.1/10/11
- multilingual (automatic detection System language)
- simple and logic syntax commands

- uncomplicated scripts

- LSP script editor

- german and english-speaking help forum

- extendable



Produktname: LSPMultiPE
Author: Kare
Size: 22.00 MB
Download Project: MultiPE

Produktname: MergePE - New -
Author: Mainecoon
Size: 29.00 MB
Download Project: MergePE

LSP Script Editor

Characteristics of the LiveSystem pro Editor:

- Syntax Highlighting
- Search and replace
- Autocomplete
- Help-System
- Codefolding


Explorer-Shell Win7PE

LiveXP_China LiveXP_Arabic